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From user needs analysis and site scoping to site development and launch, the Madfish Group has experience and expertise with the entire development process. Our refined methodology allows us to take clients through the development cycle in the most efficient and timely manner possible. This process can be broken down into four distinct phases, some or all of which are applicable, depending on the nature of the project:

Phase One - Project Definition

User Needs Analysis
Project Scope
Technology Analysis

Client Questionnaire
Creative Brief
Project Budget/Schedule
Requirements Document

Phase Two - Structure and Design

User Interface Design
Content Gathering and Creation
Visual Design Exploration

Site Map
Functional Design Document
Content Plan
Visual Design Mock-ups

Phase Three - Development and Production

Click-through Protosite Development and Sign-off
Art Production
HTML Templating/Production
Database Design and Population
Visual Design Finalization and Integration
Back-end Implementation and Programming
Quality Assurance

Alpha Site
Alpha QA Document
Beta Site
Beta (final) QA Document
Completed Site, Ready for Launch!

Phase Four - Launch and Maintenance

Post site to ISP
Final Live testing
Register with Search Engines
Go Live!

Final Site
Maintenance Schedule
Update Plan
Style Guide

The Madfish Group would be happy to show you how our methodology applies to you. Ask us for a copy of our client questionnaire - regardless of whether or not you decide to use us, it will help you to focus your efforts - and please feel free to contact us, to find out how we would use our proven processes to help you achieve your goals.

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